Multifamily Capital Markets Update (April 2020)

The 10-year Treasury Yield has declined to ~.5% after rising to 1.5% in late March. The bond market is beginning to function after a few weeks where spreads blew out and there was no liquidity in the marketplace. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae..

Closing with Preferred Equity Behind a Construction Loan

Preferred equity is not just for stabilized assets; it can fill a gap in the capital stack behind a construction loan as well. Many characteristics of a development deal are similar to those found in a typical acquisition or refinance, but there..

Commercial Real Estate Markets Update (March 2020)

Fears over COVID-19 have caused a flight to safety that has seen interest rates reach a record low. The economy as a whole stands well-positioned to handle a pandemic-induced shock with strong job creation and growth drivers, however, there is..

Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (March 2020)

Year-over-year rent growth has slowed, while the end of 2019 was relatively stagnant. Overall, 2019 had a strong performance and will likely continue into 2020 as we approach the prime leasing months of Spring and Summer. The Southeast and..

Multifamily Capital Markets Update (March 2020)

As of late, the 10-year Treasury Yield has declined to ~1.20% causing a bit of uncertainty in the marketplace. Spreads have increased to compensate for the steep decline in Treasury Yields.

Multifamily Construction Update (February 2020)

The Nation’s highest supply markets continue to offer the greatest concessions, year after year. However, the overall market is healthy. For the year ended January 2020, the market started the year at 95.5% occupied and 2.9% rent growth. Still,..