Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (October 2020)

Unsurprisingly, the markets that have been hit the hardest in 2020 have continued this trend as we enter the 4th quarter. Primary/Gateway markets and urban core/downtown areas have seen the largest decline in rents and occupancy. COVID-19 has..

Commercial Real Estate Markets Update (September 2020)

Questions about what employment habits will look like after the pandemic are bringing increased uncertainty to the office sector. Large occupiers are putting their long-term commitments on hold and buyers are having a tough time pricing this..

Multifamily Capital Markets Update (September 2020)

The 10-year Treasury Yield has remained stable keeping in a range of around .60% -.75%. Debt capital is available from the agencies but with reserves. Agencies report loan closings in 2Q in line with 2019.

Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (September 2020)

Once again, rental growth trends are favoring slower, non-gateway markets. Primary markets and west coast markets are seeing the largest impact from COVID-19. Unemployment benefits are falling short and retention rates have reached all-time highs.

Commercial Real Estate Markets Update (August 2020)

The retail and industrial markets tell a story on the effects of COVID on the real estate market at large. What is lost in the brick and mortar space is again in the industrial space as consumer habits shift more and more to an ecommerce, less..

Hard Preferred Equity or Soft Preferred Equity?

Though there is not an “official” definition for the structures sometimes referred to as “hard” or “soft” preferred equity, there are characteristics that agencies tend to view as making a deal one or the other. This can matter quite a bit when..