Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (January 2021)

Apartment demand has recovered from low levels in the first half of 2020, with strong third and fourth quarters. 2021 construction will see more than 400,000 deliveries, outpacing 2020 by more than 50,000 units. Secondary and tertiary markets are..

Third-Party Reports in a Joint Venture Transaction

Preferred equity providers may offer other investment vehicles, such as mezzanine lending or joint ventures. In a joint venture transaction, the joint venture investor occupies a different position than it does as a preferred equity provider...

Multifamily Capital Markets Update (December 2020)

The 10-year Treasury Yield has increased slightly in a range of around .80% -.95%. Debt capital is available from the agencies but with reserves. Agency business is busy with year-end around the corner.

Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (December 2020)

San Jose, New York, and San Francisco are the markets with the largest rent declines, along with many primary markets. The outlook for 2021 is positive but will likely be led by suburban submarkets rather than urban submarkets as residents look..

Commercial Real Estate Markets Update (November 2020)

The office and retail sectors are facing major headwinds, with retail landlords starting to accept the need for a seismic shift in the use of brick and mortar as a whole. Investors will keep a close watch in 2021 on how office tenants use their..

Multifamily Construction Update (November 2020)

Multifamily construction delays continue to impact the industry, largely due to permitting delays and a lack of materials. Markets known for outsized 2010-2020 deliveries have seen significant decreases, with markets like Denver down 51%..