Multifamily Construction Update (February 2020)

The Nation’s highest supply markets continue to offer the greatest concessions, year after year. However, the overall market is healthy. For the year ended January 2020, the market started the year at 95.5% occupied and 2.9% rent growth. Still,..

Commercial Real Estate Markets Update (February 2020)

Global real estate investment volumes plateaued last year, decreasing by 0.7% in the 12 months compared to the same period in the year prior.

A strategy needs to evolve in the face of the changes in the market, with a focus on sustainable income..

Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (February 2020)

The close of 2019 saw multifamily rent growth slow as it usually does during the winter months. The year overall was consistent as the top performers throughout the year remained at the top of the year-over-year in rent growth rankings. Looking..

Multifamily Capital Markets Update (February 2020)

As of late, the 10-year Treasury Yield has declined by over 20 basis points due to various macro-economic forces.  Cap rates continue to hold steady or slightly decline in some markets.

Buying Out an Existing Partner Using Preferred Equity

Often, the common equity in a multifamily deal consists of multiple partners. These equity partners may desire to exit a deal while the remaining partners want to remain. In these cases, the remaining equity partners will need to buy out the..

Multifamily Construction Update (January 2020)

Multifamily completions are scheduled to hit 371,000 in 2020, a 50% increase from 2019. Still, new 2020 construction starts are expected to remain steady, causing 2021+ deliveries to be more in-line with prior years. It is estimated demand will..