Whole Loan


Whole Loan

Basic Terms: NYMT’s investment must meet the general requirements as noted in its Investment Focus.

Minimum Loan Amount$45.0 million
Maximum Loan to Cost85%
Structure1st position lien and pledge of equity interest
All-In Rate6.0% - 8.0%
Origination Fee1.0%
Minimum Term24 months
Investment Term3 years interest-only, two (1) year extension options
Surplus Cash FlowFull Sweep to DSCR
Recourse ObligationNon-recourse completion guaranty & standard carve-outs

General Characteristics

NYMT’s ‘Whole Loan’ investment structure has the following characteristics:

  • Combines senior and junior debt into a single loan to achieve a higher LTC with a ‘one-stop shop’ execution
  • Securitized by a 1st lien priority security interest and pledge of membership interest
  • A single loan agreement and point of contact to document the structure
  • Certainty of execution via NYMT’s extensive banking relationships