NYMT for Creative Capital Solutions
We have a long term invest horizon, often investing for 10 years or longer
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Creative Capital Solutions for Multifamily Real Estate
  • Hard Preferred Equity
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A Principal Investor with Great Flexibility
We act as a principal investor, allowing us great flexibility in structuring and pricing capital solutions for our transaction partners.
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Your Long Term Partner for Multifamily Investments
We have a long term investment horizon, often investing for 10 years or longer.
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Partner with NYMT

Interested in teaming up with NYMT? Find a program that is right for you.

Investment Partner

NYMT’s Investment Partner Program is for operators/brokers/lenders who want an expedited investment review experience when sizing and assessing potential opportunities. 

Operator Partner

NYMT’s Operator Partner Program is for operators interested in capitalizing on ‘off market’ investment opportunities associated with NYMT’s existing multifamily portfolio.

Multifamily Lending by NYMT

Multifamily industry’s leading provider of debt and equity capital.

  1. Principal investor, allowing us greater flexibility in structuring and pricing
  2. Long term horizon, aligning exit strategies with operator business plans
  3. Streamlined investment process, producing timely feedback to new investments