Hard Preferred Equity


Hard Preferred Equity

Basic Terms: NYMT’s investment must meet the general requirements as noted in its Investment Focus.

Investment Amount+$5.0 million
Investment Size+7.5% of property value
Geographic FocusNational (Conventional Apartments, Build for Rent (SFR), Age-Restricted)
Accrued Return10.5% - 12.0%
Required Distribution5.0%
Surplus Cash Flow8.0% initially, increases over term
Minimum DSCR Constraint1.05x (using fixed rate Senior amortizing payment + Required Distribution)
Maximum LTV Constraint90% (Senior + Investment Amount)
Investment Term<12 years (typically co-terminus with Senior maturity)
Origination Fee1.0%
Minimum Return Multiple1.5x
Senior Loan Term5+ years
Senior Interest Rate Cap1.00x DSCR(using fixed rate Senior amortizing payment + Required Distribution)

General Characteristics

NYMT’s ‘Hard Preferred Equity’ investment structure has the following characteristics:

  • NYMT’s position in the capital stack is senior to the common equity and subordinate to the Senior loan
    • During the term of the investment, Surplus Cash Flow is distributed to NYMT with excess distributed to the sponsor
    • At a capital event, NYMT’s investment and any Accrued Return is distributed to NYMT with excess distributed to the sponsor
    • A Minimum Return Multiple must be met at exit for NYMT’s Investment
  • NYMT uses either a preferred equity investment or mezzanine financing depending on requirements of the sponsor and/or the Senior Lender
    • Preferred Equity – NYMT directly invests into an LLC as a member with governing terms provided in an operating agreement
    • Mezzanine Financing – NYMT secures a pledge of equity interests of an LLC with governing terms in a mezzanine loan agreement
  • NYMT’s investment is nonrecourse except for carve-out guarantees of a similar nature to Senior loan obligations
  • Failure of the sponsor to make the Required Distribution results in NYMT stepping into the management of the company