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Investment Partner Platform

NYMT’s primary source for new deals come from its existing network of operators, brokers and lenders. In order to streamline the initial analysis of investment opportunities for our investment partners, NYMT strives to develop a customized investment that fits the need of a particular deal, which in some cases, can be used as a programmatic approach to structuring investments.

Due to the flexible nature of our investments, we can tailor structures to meet senior loan requirements as well as general requirements for a given operator platform. Once those parameters have been established, our partners have a clearer sense of what is structurally possible and can apply similar structures to future transactions.

Generally, establishing the initial partnership allows our partners to size deals ahead of bringing NYMT into the deal in order to expediate the analysis and review period, which provides a more efficient and reliable path for execution.


For partners who are just getting familiar with NYMT’s platform, we have outlined Our Process  in a bit more detail to provide an initial framework for how we approach a given transaction.

One of the simplest ways to get started is to provide the material requested from that page by submitting the deal to us via email. We have established a form to get the process started, which will reach our Acquisitions Team. From there, we will come back to you within 2 business days with a general view of our interest in the investment.


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