Typical Preferred Equity and Mezzanine Organization Structures

Choosing an organization structure within a preferred equity or mezzanine deal is an important step along the way to a smooth closing. Though there are many ways to structure the entities and individuals involved in a transaction, understanding..

Commercial Real Estate Markets Update (October 2019)

Uncertainty is causing strategic shifts in particular asset classes in order to meet changes in lifestyles. Institutional investors are leading the way in the search for stronger cap rates in secondary and tertiary markets, and new development..

Multifamily Construction Update (October 2019)

2019 deliveries continue above historical averages, however, some major markets with nation-leading fundamentals are experiencing year-over-year declines. Still, 2020 is expected to see significant inventory gains, led by Texas. While deliveries..

Multifamily Real Estate Markets Update (October 2019)

Multifamily demand is still strong, but the delivery of units is taking longer. Rental growth is slowing as we begin the fourth quarter of 2019.

Multifamily Capital Markets Update (October 2019)

Multifamily capital markets trends in October remain stable despite the drop off in volume from Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae due to self-imposed caps. In September, FHFA came out with guidance for the agency lenders which, in turn, increased the..

Best Practices for Closing a Multifamily Deal with Preferred Equity

Using a preferred equity structure in a multifamily deal has many similarities to a deal without preferred equity. Understanding the key distinctions and requirements when including preferred equity helps the overall diligence and closing process..